The Promised Neverland to greetings: here are the first spoilers of the last chapter

There were many Weekly Shonen Jump stories that had long since communicated the start of a final phase. The Promised Neverland by Kaiu Shirai and Demizu Posuka it was one of these. Born in 2016, it immediately conquered everyone for the strategic and horror themes that involved young protagonists in a fight against death.

After almost four years of publication, The Promised Neverland comes to an end and it does so on Weekly Shonen Jump number 28 which will officially arrive in stores next Monday. The first ones have already arrived online spoiler from the last chapter of The Promised Neverland who will show us what fate awaits Emma and the other boys who have now arrived in the human world.

Emma he has lost his memories and is in a mountain cabin with an old man. On the first day she arrives in the city, by pure chance she passes alongside Ray and the other guys who are looking for her around the world. Ray is almost about to abandon the searches when a voice in the head belonging to Isabella pushes him to continue the search, until he runs into his friend.

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Emma is joined but will not recognize any of them and in the meantime the other guys, including Don, Gilda and Norman. His family is there and on the last page they will decide to finally live all together. Below you can see the gallery of images of The Promised Neverland 181 which with its pages then leads us to the greetings of this manga. Fans will still be able to continue to follow Emma's adventures with the anime arriving in 2021 and with the new live action by Amazon Prime Video.


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