The Promised Neverland: the penultimate chapter hits readers with the choice of Emma

After the farewell of Demon Slayer, Weekly Shonen Jump is about to greet another title that has written the history of the magazine in recent years. In fact, the end of The Promised Neverland arriving with chapter 181 has been announced. This means that the number 180 published on Sunday 7 June 2020 on MangaPlus is the penultimate story.

Inevitably, The Promised Neverland with the latest events pulled all the lines of plots and subplots that remained. It remained only to clarify the question of the promise that, in the last chapter, had brought Emma to another place than her family.

Kaiu Shirai and Demizu Posuka explained what happened to Emma in the chapter 180 of The Promised Neverland: the protagonist lied to her friends and family, but in reality she will take on the burden of the transfer from the world of demons to that of humans. The reward wanted by the god of demons is in fact the I remember Emma's from her family. He will no longer be able to see or remember them, every heirloom and memento he has of them has been canceled.

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The girl willingly accepted the choice and found herself in the snowy mountains in the company of an old man with no memories. But in the finale of chapter 180 of The Promised Neverland a meeting already appears to be taking place. How will the story of Emma and her brothers end now that they are finally in a peaceful world?


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