The Promised Neverland, the last chapter is on MangaPlus: here's how the manga ends

On Weekly Shonen Jump and MangaPlus has arrived the last chapter of The Promised Neverland. A four year long story that ends in these minutes, with the official publication. Let's see how the authors Kaiu Shirai and Demizu Posuka closed the story.

Emma lost her memories by virtue of the agreement made with the god of demons. There star of The Promised Neverland has taken on this burden without telling his companions, who were stunned when they found out he was no longer with them. In the past few months, Emma has lived in a cabin in the snow with an old man, without knowing who she was or how she got there. Her family, on the other hand, took advantage of the technology of the human world to seek their friend far and wide and finally they reached the village where she is.

Before meeting, however, it will take some chance, including Emma who loses the medallion and Ray who lets himself be guided by a voice in his head that recalls that of Hugo and mother Isabella. He will find Emma in the crowd and, together with the others, he will immediately notice the amnesia. In fact, the girl does not remember anything and he doesn't know who those guys he is facing. Some get angry, others like Norman instead respond rationally and it is the boy's speech that makes Emma feel nostalgic warmth.

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Although the memories have not returned, Emma agrees to live together in the human world with this still unknown family. The Promised Neverland ends with the new meeting between Emma and those who have always had alongside. On Weekly Shonen Jump, Oda and the other mangakas hailed the show.


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