The Promised Neverland: here are the first statements on live-action

Despite the manga of Promised Neverland trips shipped to an imminent conclusion, a live-action production by Amazon Studios will arrive in the coming months. The project director, together with the executive producer, made the first statements:

"I am thrilled to adapt the promised, deep, hopeful, The Promised Neverland, along with Meghan Malloy, Masi Oka, Fox 21, and Amazon. I met the two creators in Tokyo in December, and I fell in love with the spirit behind their project. "

These are the words of Rodney Rotham, who after the latest rumors has finally broken the silence on the film. As can be seen from his words, Masi Oka is also part of the project. For those who do not know him, he has worked on some live-action productions inspired by the animated series, like Netflix's Death Note and the future feature of the Attack of the Giants.

As for the manga, as we anticipated in apertura, Shueisha will publish her final chapter over the next week. At this point we ask you, what epilogue would you like to see for the story Kazu Shirai and Posuka Demizu? Tell us below with a comment.

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