The Promised Neverland: could the manga receive a sequel after the last chapters?

The world of Weekly Shonen Jump may be leaving shortly The Promised Neverland, manga by Kaiu Shirai and Demizu Posuka which is more than a year in the final phase. With one twist after another, Emma's adventure in the world of demons is about to end and her goal of bringing her family into the human world to come true.

For The Promised Neverland there will be a special project not yet explained by Weekly Shonen Jump and, after the last chapters, in particular after the 179 published on MangaPlus on Sunday May 31, a sequel may be possible. Let's start from the latest events: Emma has finally fulfilled the promise made with the demon who seems to have divine powers. Activating it, he brought all his siblings into the human world by completing the premises of The Promised Neverland.

In Chapter 179 of The Promised Neverland we discover a human world that is a little different than expected but still suitable for life for children from the demonic world. But Emma is not with them and we see her in a snowy area alone and passed out. With a leak that seems to prepare for the end of The Promised Neverland with the next issue, it seems difficult to close Emma's story on such short notice unless a quick and simple conclusion. Therefore, the manga could open up to a sequel who sees Emma's story in the human world and its contradictions and problems.

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That this is the secret project of The Promised Neverland anticipated by some numbers?


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