The Promised Neverland 2×06 is shown in a trailer: does the truth come out?

In January 2021 the story of the children on the run of The Promised Neverland started again and will take place in 11 total episodes. The second season is therefore now halfway through its airing and has already allowed us to settle in the new world in which Emma, ​​Ray and the other children who successfully escaped from Grace Field were launched.

Last week, The Promised Neverland paused to present a recap episode of everything that has happened so far. But now the broadcast resumes thanks to The Promised Neverland 2×06, already shown with a trailer.

After the misadventure in the city of demons, with two of the man-eating monsters who wanted to get their hands on the precious meat of Emma and Ray, the duo has rehired Norman, suddenly appeared to save them. A mystery now revolves around the boy that will be revealed in the trailer visible below. In the images we see Norman’s group of companions as they explain some truths about the demon world and what to do.

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Norman’s goal seems to be clear, and all Italian viewers will be able to find out more on Friday 19 February at 21:00, when the portal VVVVID will stream The Promised Neverland 2×06.


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