The Pokémon GO Christmas event starts tomorrow December 24th!

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Trainers, ready to face the Christmas holidays? Tomorrow 24 December start at Pokémon GO winter holidays 2019, with lots of costumed monsters, Ice-like creatures never seen before in the Niantic game, exclusive field research tasks and more.

The event starts at 12:00 on tomorrow 24 December is will continue until 11.59pm on Wednesday 1 January 2020. For the first time ever, Pikachu, Raichu and Pichu will appear wearing caps and Stantler with bells, while ice-like creatures like Sneasel, Delibird and Snorunt will appear more frequently! For the occasion, Cubchoo – the Cold Pokémon – will debut in Pokémon GO! The luckiest among you can also meet Chromatic Stantler with bells and Chromatic Snover.

For the duration of the event you can also benefit from various bonuses, such as double friendship packs to open every day, double friendship packs to give away and a guaranteed disposable egg incubator per day. In the shop you will find many objects for winter-themed avatars, while other Shadow Pokémon such as Delibird will be shown around. Before saying goodbye, we want to remind you that you still have a few hours to face Lugia and Ho-Oh in the five-star Raids: the two legendary Pokémon will go away at 22:00 tonight!

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