The Pocophone F1 and other Xiaomi mobiles are preparing to upgrade to Android 10

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New round of updates for some Xiaomi mobiles, this time in the form of a new stable system version. Because MIUI 11 has started quite well: after a first wave that reached a part of the catalog, the brand is expanding the benefits of the layer to more phones. And not only that, that Android 10 already looks out the door for mobile phones like the Pocophone F1.

The "Poco" was a kind of experiment with which the brand brought maximum power and autonomy to a mid-range mobile. Regular in all technological recommendations, and with a current price that falls below 300 euros on Amazon, the Pocophone F1 is still a good Christmas purchase. Especially considering that the update should not take too long.

Xiaomi releases Android 10 source code

Pocophone F2

Since Android is Open Source, all manufacturers that use the system have an obligation to release the source code of your devices, the so-called kernel sources. Thanks to them, anyone with programming knowledge can compile an adapted version or ROM for a specific device; opening the door to the parallel development of firmwares, something that significantly improves the life of some Android. Also, for a company to release the source code of a specific Android version anticipates an upcoming update to that version.

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The Pocophone F1 has been on the tightrope due to the avalanche of devices that Xiaomi has placed in its price range, with the Xiaomi Mi 9T / Redmi K20 as the main exponent. We do not know if there will be a next generation of Pocophone, but at least we do know that, apart from receiving MIUI 11 (it is already released), Xiaomi will update it soon to Android 10. Not only this mobile, but also the following:

As XDA Developers confirms, the six phones already have the Android 10 source code available to anyone who wishes to cook a ROM. From them, Only the Xiaomi Mi 8 has started receiving Android 10 (at the moment only in China), so the update for the rest should not take long.

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