The plot of the third episode anticipates new allies for Din Djarin

The second installment of The Mandalorian 2 showed us the latest the story of Din Djarin, while we await the arrival of the next episode on Disney + we point out this brief description of the plot present on IMDB.

The episode, entitled “Chapter 11“will make its debut on Disney’s streaming platform next year Friday 13 November, fans are waiting to see how the journey of the Mandalorian played by Pedro Pascal and Baby Yoda will continue and it looks like the next installment will introduce a new character to the show. Here is the brief synopsis that we find on IMDB: “The Mandalorian faces a rough sea and meets a new ally“.

The introduction of the character now seems certain portrayed by Sasha Banks, although we still don’t know his name and goal. Since it was first announced that the famous wrestler would participate in the second season of the show, the numerous Star Wars fans have begun to speculate on her true identity, for many she could be the face for Sabine Wren, character appeared in “Star Wars: Rebels“even if for now we have no confirmation about it.

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To conclude, we recommend this interview with Sasha Banks of The Mandalorian 2, in which he talks about his role.


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