The piglet comes to light! Double contracts are revealed to Veracruz players and millionaire debts

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In Veracruz there are debts and they are on the verge of disaffiliation, but the more time passes, the less the conflict is resolved and the darker the chapters that are discovered. The most recent is that The players signed double contracts, one for the FMF and another for image, which was paid in direct cash to the player. For example, they received $ 10,000 from the FMF, but separately and in cash, for ‘image rights’ they were paid 40,000 more.

The Fox Sports chain published a document that showed that the company Publimark Communication Total S of RL paid two contracts to the players for different amounts. The problem with this is that at the time the player put his claim or controversy, a salary appeared in the FMF archives that did not correspond to the one mentioned by the players.

This drew the attention of the Conciliation and Dispute Resolution Commission, in such a way that it entered a letter informing the Veracruz Club about the irregularities discovered in its finances, which was ignored and the FMF received no response.

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The document shown on television also revealed millionaire amounts owed by the club, in such a way that only Carlos Salcido is owed more than $ 285 thousand dollars, while Daniel Villalba is owed $ 270 thousand dollars and to Kazim Richards $ 377 thousand dollars.

As if that were not enough, it was revealed that the Red Sharks Club, in addition, It has an outstanding balance of more than $ 5 million for not paying fees and fines to FIFA, dispute resolution and even arbitrations to the FMF.

If we add this to your crisis, everything seems to indicate that disaffiliation is a matter of time.


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