The phrase of a former Barcelona against Lionel Messi for the Griezmann case that aroused rejection

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Lionel Messi and Griezmann have not yet managed to get along in the field (Reuters)
Lionel Messi and Griezmann have not yet managed to get along in the field (Reuters)

A bomb exploded in Barcelona and the expansive sling does not stop. Everything indicates that the "Griezmann case" The institution got out of hand and promises to have repercussions in sports.

The club azulgrana, In July 2019, he made a strong bet, by paying the French termination clause (approximately 120 million euros), at that time the main figure of Atlético Madrid and one of the best players in the Spanish League.

So far, the result was not what was expected. The striker was never able to tune in to Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez, the other leaders in attack on the team culé, nor did he show by any means the level he had during his stay at El Colchonero. Faced with this scenario, he began to lose ground and in the last match he simply entered with a few seconds left.

After the player's environment pointed against the technical director Quique Setién, Christophe Dugarry, world champion with France in 1998 and former Barcelona footballer, outlined a phrase that generated rejection.

"What are you afraid of (Griezmann), of a boy who is 1.50 and who is half autistic? All he has to do is throw 'balls' at some point, "said the former footballer and commentator on his radio program in RMC Sport, in a phrase that was quickly replicated by the main sports media in Spain.

Dugarry, champion with France in 1998, called
Dugarry, champion of France in 1998, called Lionel Messi "autistic"

As indicated by the World Health Organization in November 2019, one in 160 children have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This group of conditions are characterized by some degree of alteration in social behavior, communication and language, and by a restricted, stereotyped and repetitive repertoire of interests and activities. His reprehensible statements in this case aroused the rejection on social networks of different fans. "You have to be a real scoundrel to say something like that", was defined by one of the users who showed his anger.

It is worth noting that the former Milan, Olympique de Marseille and Birmingham is known for their controversial opinions. He also assured that Griezmann he must "hit him in the face" because "he has been saying that he has a problem with Messi for a year".

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"Griezmann has lost confidence and his performances are not good," he said. So far in his stay in Barcelona, ​​the 2018 world champion in Russia has played 43 matches and scored 14 goals and provided 4 assists. And then, he added: “It is true that Messi could give him more passes, but honestly it doesn't surprise me. Griezmann loses balls, plays with a shrunken leg. Griezmann should go talk to Messi to solve the problem. "

In his analysis, the one who emerged from the Bordeaux Girondins quarry was critical of Quique Setién and his ability to manage a locker room with so many figures. “He is a coach who totally skates. Setien are good people, but they don't have the level. I didn't know who to change. He traded Sergio Busquets in '85 to put Ansu Fati in and pitched Griezmann in '90. It wasn't something against Griezmann. He just doesn't know how to make his team play. It is surpassed. I am convinced that he has nothing against Griezmann, the only thing is that he is overcome. ”

At the beginning of the year, Dugarry pointed out against the leadership of the Spanish club: “It is a clown club. Everything is done backwards. You have the impression that there is no project in this club. The only priority is for the president to be re-elected. They don't understand each other. And in all markets there is a problem with the club ”.

“For a club in that category, there are too many people who don't have the elegance or class that they should. It is a classless club. Since Xavi and Iniesta left, they have spent a lot of money, but they haven't been able to find the game or the quality, ”he concluded.


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