'The Others' will have a remake: Alejandro Amenábar's horror hit will be reinvented in a modern story

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20 years later, 'Los otros' ('The Others') will return to the charts with a new version. The film industry seems arrested, waiting for things to calm down and improve, and we can all return to normal, but projects continue to emerge in the hope of returning to the shooting sets one that ends this nightmare of the coronavirus .

And speaking of nightmares, Sentient Entertainment has acquired the rights to 'The Others', the horror film directed by Alejandro Amenábar and starring Nicole Kidman, with the aim of making a remake. Released in 2001 (in the United States it distributed the Miramax by Harvey Weinstein), 'The Others' was a great box office success that grossed 209 million of dollars around the world.

'The Others' Today

The intention of the new owners of 'The Others' is reinvent and modernize history; According to Deadline, the project has already generated interest from some stars and studios, so we shouldn't take long to read news about the production, which we want to have ready. in 2021. Of course the role that Kidman played is a juicy job for any performer who wants to demonstrate his talent.

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Beyond the "need" to make a remake of a movie that does not seem to be improvable, I wonder to what extent an update of such a popular and only two decades ago suspense story can work, supported by a great final surprise that has already we know. I mean, I can't imagine they are doing a remake of 'The Sixth Sense' ('The Sixth Sense', 1999), but it must only be a matter of time …

Finally, and since 'The Others' is being described as 'classic', what is necessary is to remember the essential 'Suspense!' ('The Innocents'). Amenábar's film draws on Jack Clayton's 1961 masterpiece, which in turn was based on the novel 'Another twist', by Henry James.

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