The 'Objective' franchise of Gerard Butler has three new films and television spin-offs underway

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'Objective: The White House' was a modest blockbuster – it cost 70 million and grossed 170 -, but we live in a time when franchises are valued more than ever in Hollywood. That led to two sequels that have not gone bad at the box office, so now producer Alan Siegel has dropped that there are already three more deliveries and television spin-offs oriented to the international market.

A very ambitious plan

The latter is especially striking, but Siegel has already pointed out where the shots might go: "If we do it in India, the star of the series could appear in 'Angel Has Fallen 40. It could be a symbiotic relationship". Badly thought is not. First introduce the protagonist of the series in a film with worldwide distribution and then continue squeezing it on the small screen.

Between The first three deliveries have raised $ 500 million, but it is striking that such an ambitious plan arrives after 'Objective: Washington D.C.' It has become less box office delivery. In return, Siegel has been adjusting the cost of each new movie, because the first cost 70, the second 60 and the third went down to 40.

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For my part, I had a good time with 'Objective: The White House' and then I have been enjoying less with each new installment, so I cannot say that I am looking forward to knowing what Mike Banning's next adventure will be. I suspect that Gerard Butler He will not think the same, because his best years in Hollywood have long been left behind and it is always good to have a franchise to turn to to continue having work.

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