The news of the closure of MangaStream also reaches the editors of Weekly Shonen Jump

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The pirate world is always in turmoil, it always seems that it snacks many outside as soon as one is removed. When it happens to relevant sites on the international scene, however, it is inevitable that there is a strong resonance of the news, as happened to Mangastream and Jaimini's Box which have been mentioned by a Weekly Shonen Jump editor.

Momiyama is one of those who work in the editorial office of Weekly Shonen Jump, helping authors churn out great ideas and correcting what's wrong with their work. Working in close contact with the mangaka, it is natural that they are rather attentive to the world of illegality which directly affects the company's earnings.

The editor in question, following the closure of MangaStream and the announcement of Jaimini's Box by stop the Weekly Shonen Jump manga, has entrusted a few words to social Twitter. Momiyama asks fans of the many manga published on those two sites to go to MangaPlus, the official Shueisha platform, which provides several titles for free and simultaneously with Japan. At the bottom you can find the original tweet which also includes the announcement of the Jaimini's Box translated into Japanese.

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just MangaPlus benefited from the closure of these sites of scanlator and could expand its presence on the market after the closure of Manga Rock.

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