the new season "will not be only death and despair"

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Grey's Anatomy season 17 will tackle the pandemic issue. Showrunner Krista Vernoff confirmed this recently, but he explained about do not expect episodes focused solely on "death and despair.

Guest at a recent episode of the Hollywood Reporter's TV's Top 5 podcast, Vernoff was asked if doctors will have much to do with Coronavirus in the new season, or if it will be a part of their life alongside the usual component. dramatic. "It will be a sort of middle ground" has explained. "It depends on the episode."

"There is joy and fun among people who have to leave the hospital for quarantine" added the showrunner. "Many of the doctors don't go home to their families, take Aribnbs and live together. There are many COVID-related stories to tell, but they don't all talk about death and despair."

Some of the stories will be inspired directly from the real facts: "Mortality increased particularly in this country because people were in the first few months of illness and are still afraid of going to the doctor, or to the hospital."

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For more information, we refer you to the news on the cast of Grey's Anatomy 17 and the career of some actors who have left Grey's Anatomy.

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