The new patch of Call of Duty Modern Warfare increasingly in the eye of the hurricane

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There Call of Duty Modern Warfare patch 1.13 continues to generate controversy, which apparently Infinity Ward and Activision they can't stop. The problems started immediately, when faced with a rather heavy weight, the new contents seemed to be limited to the crossbow and five extra slots.

The rest were in fact things already seen, such as the return of some maps, and some changes to the gameplay and balance of weapons. However, what the players hadn't considered was a mass of "invisible" changes, that is, not reported in the patch notes, ranging from change to damage to changes to recoil, and sometimes even some small ones variations in maps.

This annoys the fans of the game, who go into confusion not understanding if what they are witnessing is a voluntary change or a simple bug. It also happened with theupdate 1.13 precisely, in particular with the map Crash, where some areas have been modified to create less coverage, and this is causing several protests from players, who had already faced the CoD Modern Warfare bug that resets progress (although the solution seems to be straight 'arrival).

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In short, it is nice and praiseworthy that the support of Activision is Infinity Ward the game is constant, but maybe it's time to start studying a communication strategy that does not annoy fans with every patch.

If you haven't tried the game yet, check out our Call of Duty Modern Warfare review to learn more.

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