The New Mutants, the new trailer reveals the first appearance in live-action of Lockheed!

Despite the endless difficulties due to the production of The New Mutants, the thirteenth film in the X-Men universe will soon arrive in theaters and, to anticipate it, there is a new extraordinary trailer that reveals the presence of the alien dragon Lockheed.

This is the first glance so far on the winged reptile which, for its live action version, has been totally reproduced in CGI. In the few moments of his appearance, the alien dragon is perched on the shoulder of Illyana, before setting off to attack a possible enemy with his sparkling blue eyes.

So far, Lockheed’s silhouette had appeared in passing during a Comic Con panel only to be teased. As far as we know, the animal appears to be a real one helper of the little Russian witch with the power of teleportation, ready to support you in any difficulty. The director of the film went to great lengths to maintain a deep connection between the film and the comics, so even the alien dragon will be particularly faithful to his original character.

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Among so many little-known and novice young people, a prominent role belongs to Maisie Williams that, we’ve long got to know in Game of Thrones. As witnessed by a recent video from The New Mutants, the now ex Arya Stark plays the role of a Scottish mutant in constant struggle with her power that allows her to transform into a werewolf.

Are you curious to find out what will happen in this exceptional new film linked to the world of the X-Men? We will only need to be patient until 28 August.


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