The New Mutants Connections X Men

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Years of delay, rumors about cancellations or direct departures to video, returns to the set of filming that did not end in the assembly hall and a dismantling of its production company later, the youngest protommember of the X Men have managed to work on April 8 so we can see what they are capable of on the big screen in the expected ‘The new mutants’.

Something that has aroused interest in fans since it was announced was its dark argument but, how far will this turn to ‘The new mutants’In a different producer?

"It is absolutely an X-Men movie”, He has assured Josh Boone, director, in some statements collected by Comicbook.

"I am sure that in some world in the future all these things will connect, but these films will remain on their own.”, He clarifies. "If you put all the X-Men children in an X-Men movie rated PG-13 in Deadpool, it would be a strange mix. The same happens with this. I would be interested to see how they do it because our tone is very different"

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"There are references and things that happen that are part of that great set, but we wanted it to remain tonal and aesthetically alone, ”says Boone. “It has a firm base and is very credible and, as we filmed in a real location, it will not look like a typical comic movie where there is a lot of green screen and everything seems to have a CGI patina. We have not tried to make independent cinema, but it is a bit rougher in form"

The new mutants', directed by Josh Boone (‘Under the same star’), has a promising cast in which we will see Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie williams, Rosario Dawson, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, Antonio Banderas, Alice Braga Y Thomas Kee.

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