The new home video releases of Koch Media, between ONE PIECE Stampede and Lupine III, have been unveiled

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As is now customary by Koch Media, through a recently released official release, the famous company has revealed what will be the next upcoming Italian home video releases, a series of new works that will soon be made available to all interested parties.

Below you can read all the news that will soon enrich our libraries:

ONE PIECE: Stampede – The Movie (March 19, 2020)

"Here we are at the biggest party in the pirate world: the Pirate World Fair! Luffy and the Straw Hat pirate crew receive the invitation of Buena Festa, the Party Organizer. On arrival they find a place full of glamorous pavilions and thousands of pirates from all over the world. The atmosphere is nothing short of electric … Everyone came together with the same goal: to get our hands on the treasure left by Gold Roger, the Pirate King. But still none of them is aware of Festa's real intentions and the traps he has in store for them! The race to conquer the coveted treasure has officially begun! "

The box, which will be made available on both DVD and blu-ray and Steelbook BD, will contain 5 Special Cards featuring our favorite pirates. Furthermore, the edition will also feature a second exclusive dubbing with Gigi Rosa in the role of the protagonist Luffy, all accompanied by a special dedicated to dubbing the opera with Renato Novara, Emanuela Pacotto and Maurizio Merluzzo entitled "In the dubbing room". Finally, we remind you that on the pages of Everyeye you can find our review dedicated to ONE PIECE Stampede.

Lupine III: The second series – Vol. 1 (March 19, 2020)

"There is no limit to the achievements of Lupine III: the most famous thief in the world will perform a series of feats worthy of a magician. Flanked by the inevitable Jigen, Goemon and Margot, the astute thief will find himself involved in high-level situations risk that they will take him around the world. Smart, bright, brave and prankster, Lupine III will be chased by the tenacious inspector Zenigata giving life to breathtaking escapes and daring situations. "

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The box, which will be made available in DVD (with ten discs) and blu-ray (with six discs), will contain various goodies, that is, the original acronyms of the series flanked by the Italian ones, all flanked by a booklet at colors with the synopsis of the episodes, gallery of illustrations, backdrops and preparatory drawings.

Carletto the Prince of Monsters – Season 1 (March 19 2020)

"The Count is an elegant vampire with a French accent. Wolf would seem like a normal guy, but wait until you see him on a full moon. Frank is big and scary just looking at him. What are they doing in a quiet Japanese suburb? escort to Carletto, Prince of Mostrolandia on an educational journey among human beings. One adventure after another in which humans and monsters face each other, understand each other, fight each other and become friends. There is not so much difference, if one he does not persist in looking at appearances. "

The box, available only on DVD for a total of eight discs, will also contain the Italian initials of the work accompanied by a 32-page color booklet accompanied by rare original preparatory drawings and backdrop galleries.

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