The Mugiwara meeting in ONE PIECE moves the fans: the new outfits also arrive

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Seven years have passed since that ONE PIECE chapter 701 who showed all the members of the crew together, that of Straw Hat. Since then the various members of the pirate group have never been seen together because of the various vicissitudes that occurred between Dressrosa, Zou, Whole Cake Island and Wanokuni.

From 2013 to today, in fact, the crew has never been seen together. Once unimaginable but that ended with the arrival of ONE PIECE chapter 975. One after the other, the protagonists also parade with new clothes: we see Monkey D. Luffy with a pirate jacket similar to the one worn by Gol D. Roger; Zoro with a dark kimono and Enma by his side, Nami with samurai armor and Brook with a new dress; then there are Chopper, with the mini armor Kabuto, and Sanji, with an unpublished suit; finally we see the trio composed by Franky, wearing a kabuto helmet, Nico Robin, with a kimono and hair tied with a bow, and Usopp, with clothes halfway between ninja and samurai.

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The return of these characters can also be seen in the images collected at the bottom that highlight i new outfits of the Straw Hat crew. Obviously ONE PIECE fans from all over the world got involved in the situation, making the comments on the chapter a worldwide trend on Twitter. And what do you think of this return, which saw among other things the new fight side by side with Law, Luffy and Kidd, the Supernovae of the Worst Generation?

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