The most spectacular graphic mod in GTA V features the best trailer in the history of the Rockstar video game

The modder community has spent years taking all the performance possible from GTA V and its almost infinite possibilities. Still what was achieved by the trio of Razed, Icelaglace, and Robin is something from another world. The video that you are going to see now could well belong to a new generation title.

The nearly complete lighting, effects, and overhaul of the Rockstar gameplay are simply outstanding and breathtaking. For now, it is a work in progress that can be accessed from the Patreon of its creators, but it will still be published for free as soon as it is finished.

And it would not be good to ignore the work of Denis Sitarski, the editor who has been in charge of capturing and assembling this trailer, which, unless we remember, would be the best that has been created within the video game to present a mod. And it even seems to us superior to a good part of the official trailers of the game although their objectives are not the same.

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In this gallery, you have a selection of screenshots of the game with these visual modifications applied, and of course, that makes you want to do everything possible to put your hands on it and miss Los Santos for the umpteenth time.

Inevitably, Rockstar is working on a new installment of this, one of the most prolific franchises in video game history, and hopefully, we will see it born sometime during the generation of consoles that will start this Christmas with PS5 and Xbox Series X offering new possibilities in terms of technical improvements to apply to great video games.


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