the most famous controversies and controversies about the series

I Simpson will return with their 32nd season in a few weeks: amid the fears of fans, who fear censorship by Disney for season 32 The Simpsons, and the announcement of the participation of David Harbor as a guest star in The Simpsons 32, next season promises great surprises.

Today we are here to remember the most controversial and discussed moments in the history of the series, waiting to be able to discover the new adventures of the most famous animated family in the history of television.

One of the most profound episodes, so much so that it even won a Emmy, the fifteenth episode of the eighth season, Homer’s Phobia, leads us to explore LGBTQI + issues in the deepest and most insightful way possible. The episode was not initially approved by FOX, deeming the theme unsuitable for an animated series. Luckily, the production house has retraced its steps.

A shocking episode that has attracted a lot of criticism is the second of the ninth season, The Director and the Poor, which sees the director Skinner reveal his true identity and stealing it from the real Skinner. The director’s original language voice actor, Harry Shearer, called the episode: “disrespectful to fans“.

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Unfortunately, two episodes of this ranking have been criticized for the issue of homosexuality. The American Conservative Party attacked hard Matt Groening for the tenth episode of season sixteen, Gay, a wedding invitation, for the “guilt” of having “shown millions of children gay marriages”.

The theme song sofa gag received harsh criticism in the third episode of season 22, BaseBART, for showing South Korean workers in poor condition working on animations for the series. I study AKOM, located in South Korea, worked on several episodes of The Simpsons and defined the sketch: “exaggerated and offensive“.

The episode The Blame Is of Lisa, the thirteenth of the fifteenth season, tells how Lisa herself adopted a Brazilian boy, forcing the Simpson family to go to Rio. The Brazilian tourism board filed a lawsuit against the series for the offensive portrayal provided by the city episode.

What are the most controversial episodes of The Simpsons that you remember? Let us know in the comments space!


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