the missing stories in the first season of the Netflix series

Fans can’t wait to see the stories of Geralt di Rivia, but they will have to wait: The second season of The Witcher will be released in the second half of 2021, with filming of The Witcher 2 going on for many months. The first season adapted stories from the collections The Guardian of the Lambs and The Sword of Destiny.

In the first season, the following stories were covered: The Lesser Evil, The Edge of the World, The Witcher, A Matter of Price and The Last Wish from The Guardian of the Innocents; The Sword of Destiny, The Limit of the Possible, and Something More from The Sword of Destiny.

Quite a number of writings from the first two collections of books written by Andrzej Sapkowski have not (yet) been used: let’s see them together.

The first story of The Guardian of the Innocents, The voice of reason, opens with Geralt healing himself from his wounds in a fight with a striga (which will later be told in The Witcher) and entertaining himself in some missions at the Temple of Melitele, in Ellander. The characters of Dandelion and Yennefer are introduced for the first time (the latter is only named).

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The story of A grain of truth introduces the story of Nivellen, cursed by a bruxa for love, and Geralt’s attempts to break the spell that binds him to a bestial form. We already know this tale will be present in the second season, with Kristofer Hivju playing the role of Nivellen in The Witcher 2.

The second story of The Sword of Destiny, A sliver of ice, tells of the duel between Geralt and Istredd, in love with Yennefer and apparently reciprocated. Geralt’s choice will be not to confront the sorcerer, after receiving a message from the sorceress.

The eternal fire shows us a Geralt in Novigard, apparently not to hunt monsters, but to shop; his day will change dramatically as he faces a mimik, also known as a doppler, a creature that takes on the guise of anyone he has met.

The last untreated tale from the first season of The Witcher is A small sacrifice, in which Geralt and Dandelion have to face dangerous fishmen to help some pearl seekers, as they attempt to mediate between the siren Sh’eenaz and the lord of Bremervoord, Prince Agloval.

We hope to be able to find most of the stories described here in the second season of The Witcher.


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