The Medium, the team confirms: Ray Tracing also on Xbox Series X

After confirming 4K and 30 fps support for The Medium on Xbox Series X, the next gen horror development team returns to offer details on the game's technical features.

In particular, Bloober Team he wanted to clarify a misunderstanding linked to a dissonance of information reported on the official Xbox portals. A careful analysis of the details reported about The Medium seemed in fact to question the implementation of Ray Tracing for the console version of horror, which, we remember, will also see the light on PC. Faced with the sharing of these doubts, the portal Xboxera he was contacted by Bloober Team, who wanted to clarify the situation.

The apparent contrast between the details shown on it is nothing more than the result of an error, confirmed the software house. The authors of The Medium have therefore contextually confirmed that the game will enjoy the potential offered by Ray Tracing even in his incarnation Xbox Series X, with the new Microsoft console ready to show off all its features.

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Recently, the intriguing horror that will accompany the player in the exploration of two dimensions has returned to show itself in a new gameplay trailer of The Medium, which offered a further look at what the public can expect from playing the young medium Marianne.


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