The manufacture of PS5 costs Sony about $ 450 per unit

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According to recent information Sony would be having problems with the price of PS5 due to the use of scarce and expensive components for its manufacture. These rumors ensure that the company pays about $ 450 for each of the units it manufactures.

The biggest problem appears to be a

The information comes from Bloomberg, who claim that these high manufacturing costs have forced Sony to have to wait to see what the competition is doing to set a price with which to be competitive even if it costs them to lose money with each console.

At the time PS4 was launched for € 399 and it was estimated that each unit cost about $ 381 on the assembly line. If you want to repeat price we would be talking about about 50 dollars of loss per unit and that can be fatal for the first months of the system in the market.

The price of PS5 should be about $ 470 to get the same benefits as its predecessor and given the standard when it comes to pricing we see it much more likely to reach $ 499 unless the competition of a striking effect.

The biggest problem of Sony would be giving the supplies of DRAM and NAND, two very scarce components due to the high demand of the same requested by the smartphone market.

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It is not unusual for video consoles to be sold by accepting slight losses that eventually end up recovering with the sale of video games and subscription services. Despite this, Bloomberg sources say that Sony is currently divided between accepting those losses or being less competitive in the market at the cost of making profits.

Most of the console components would already be more than fixed. This includes the ventilation system, which appears to be "unusually expensive costing a few dollars per unit"Most of these systems on consoles cost less than a dollar per unit, but here."Sony has chosen to prioritize heat dissipation so that the use of powerful chips inside the console is not a problem".

Other details of the report indicate that there will be a new version of PlayStation VR on sale after the premiere of the console and that a more gradual transition to the new generation is expected since many of the first PS5 games will also be available on PS4.

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