The mangaka of My Hero Academia and Black Clover exchange and make these covers

My Hero Academia e Black Clover are currently two of the biggest series released on Shonen Jump. Manga are two titles that immediately had great success, and their respective anime made them famous all over the world.

Yūki tabata e Kōhei Horikoshi they made a very special exchange. The two mangakas in fact created two covers for the volumes of their works, where Tabata created a cover for My Hero Academia and Horikoshi created one for Black Clover. As always, we leave you the image at the bottom of this news.

These two magnificent covers blew us away! What stands out is that the creator’s style of Black Clover fits perfectly with Bakugo’s character and aesthetics, the most angular of the three characters depicted in the illustration. Izuku instead it reminds us a little To stay (but with green hair!).

Horikoshi is famous for his lively style and softer lines. This means that Asta in the version of My Hero Academia he looks more rounded, more childish, but still keeps his rascal air. The same goes for Noelle and Yuno, certainly Horikoshi had a lot of fun drawing our beloved trio.

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And while the pandemic does not stop work on the fifth season of My Hero Academia, according to the director of Black Clover the new story arc will arrive soon. A very interesting 2021 awaits us!


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