The 'maneuver' of Leo Messi with the foam before throwing the faults

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Leo Messi he does not want any trace of the foam with which the referees point to the point from which he must launch the direct free. It was very clear in the League match between Barcelona and Celta, in which the Argentine star made two goals in the 4-1 victory of his team.

As they have captured the cameras of 'The day after' (Movistar +), the Argentine strived to clean all the foam in the two pitches that ended in goal in Saturday's game. Again and again, Messi placed the ball and rubbed it with the grass to try to end any foam that could affect the trajectory of the ball. As if that were not enough, the Argentine also cleaned any trace of foam that could be left in both his boots and stockings. This is the amazing ritual.

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This is how the goals sounded

Lluis Flaquer sang Messi's two direct-free goals in Carousel Deportivo.

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