The Mandalorian, even the creator of Goosebumps is excited about season 2

On October 30, The Mandalorian returned to Disney + with its expected second season, e it took two episodes to convince RL Stine, renowned creator of the Goosebumps horror series for kids, of the quality of the new story arc.

“Escape to Tatooine. This is my advice” in fact, the author wrote on Twitter, where he has over 200,000 followers. “Season 2 of The Mandalorian has got off to a great start.”

We remind you that the next episode of the Star Wars series, whose title has not yet been revealed, will debut on the streaming platform of the Mickey Mouse House on November 13th. All the chapters of the new season, contrary to what happened last year, will arrive on Disney + regularly every Friday until the season finale scheduled for December 18. For more insights, here you can find our review of The Mandalorian 2×02.

Speaking of RL Stine, it’s news last April Sony Pictures and Scholastic Entertainment have started development of a new live-action series based on Goosebumps books. The arrival of a show based on The Babysitter, the eighth novel in the horror series known in Italy as “Super chills”, is also confirmed.

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