The madness of a 13-year-old boy who raised the stands of an entire stadium

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The Copa del Rey is one of the most attractive tournaments in football, but it is also in basketball. The show not only occurs with the elderly, but also with the smallest.

This time it happened in Malaga, in a confrontation of the Mini cup between Cajasiete CB Canarias and the Valencia Basket. The match was in the second quarter, when the Canarian team recovered the ball. A rapid attack began that lasted only a few seconds. They had not yet passed the field divide when Arturo Jerez, the young 13-year-old youth squadHe received the ball and didn't think twice. He threw a basket from his own field.

To the astonishment of the stands by the decision he had taken, well there were still 20 seconds of possession and more than half of the game, the ball slipped into the hoop.

The stands could not believe it. They had just witnessed how Arturo got one of the triples of the year and of those who only see (sometimes) on television.

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The official account of La Liga Endesa uploaded the video to its social networks announcing it, effectively, as 'triple the year'. "Where does Arturo Jerez plug it from? What a gamer!", they published in a tweet.

The three points rose to the scoreboard, shouting from the stands. 7 minutes to rest and they got 29-19, in favor of the canaristas. The face of his companions said it all. They could not believe.

Too bad, for Arturo, that Valencia will finally turn around the scoreboard and end up winning 73-79.

You can see the full play of the match here:

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