The legendary American sprinter Bobby Joe Morrow died

The American passed away at 84
The American passed away at 84

Bobby joe morrow, legendary American sprinter triple Olympic champion, passed away at 84 due to natural causes at his home in San Benito (Texas).

The International Federation (World Athletics) mourned the loss of an athlete who marked an era and who he hung up on the gold of speed at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics in the 100, 200 and 4×100, when he was still a student at Abilene Christian University, and he became a true reference and personality. In fact the city stadium bears his name and was inducted into the hall of fame of American athletics in 1989.

His death on Saturday has caused numerous sympathy reactions, including that of the International Federation, which also recalled his eleven world records, and with his three golds in Melbourne, linked it to other myths such as Jesse Owens (1936), Carl Lewis (1984) and Usain Bolt (2012 and 2016).

Morrow collected three Olympic golds in 1956 (Lynn Hermosa / Valley Morning Star via AP, File)
Morrow collected three Olympic golds in 1956 (Lynn Hermosa / Valley Morning Star via AP, File)

Born in Harlingen in 1935, he grew up and lived in Saint Benedict, where started playing american football, but later went on to athletics and caught the attention of numerous powerful universitiesBut he decided to stay at his state of Texas, Abilene Christian University.

His success in Melbourne, at just 20 years old, even came after contracting a virus days before that made him lose weight. In the following two years he accumulated more wins and more world records and after retiring in 1958 he tried to return in 1960 and qualify for the Games, but a muscle injury prevented him from competing in the selection tests and finally, although he was going to come as a reserve, he did not enter the team for Rome.

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In 1956 and after his performance in the Olympics, was named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year that year, beating baseball hero Mickey Mantle and boxer Floyd Patterson.

Morrow was named Athlete of the Year in 1956 (AP Photo / HF, File)
Morrow was named Athlete of the Year in 1956 (AP Photo / HF, File)

"Bobby had a fluidity of movement like he had never seen before", his trainer Oliver Jackson acknowledged to the American magazine. “He could run a 220 with a beer on his head and never spill a drop. I made an adjustment to his start when Bobby was a rookie. After that, my only advice to him was to switch his specialty from agricultural science to speaking, because he would be destined to do a lot of it, "he added.

Sore about that final decision chose to withdraw permanently from sport. He even spoke to Robert Kennedy and in the Senate about these frustrations. He returned to his city of San Benito, where he worked as a farmer and a carpenter.


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