The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 leaked alleged details

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We have known absolutely nothing about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 since Nintendo introduced the game with a short and surprising trailer at last E3 2019.

Now the insider Tyler McVicker, known for his successful exclusives on the developments of Valve, has given some information that he claims to be true about how this sequel will be played, its setting and some of its mechanics.

On his Twitch channel he said that the game will start in a linear way unlike the first part, that the towers will no longer be necessary because Link already knows Hyrule, that the kingdom is invaded by corruption spread by Ganon in the form of miasma and that the main mission will be to eliminate such corruption. We cannot move freely around the world without eliminating this corruption zone by zone.

In this sequel each location would be much more detailed than the first game and we would have dungeons themselves. According to McVicker's words, the dungeons would be inspired by those of a game that knows a lot about filling an open world with quality dungeons.

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The insider comments that the title is inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2, something we already knew, and in another unknown game. Perhaps all this information will come to light now because we are really close to a new Nintendo Direct. Well, if Nintendo has to talk about something for the future of the Nintendo Switch catalog, it is this powerful exclusive that players are looking forward to.

In the video you have above, McVicker says that he is working on a YouTube channel where he will cover this type of information about Nintendo projects and that is where he tells everything he supposedly knows about Breath of the Wild 2. Hopefully we will soon know if he is right.


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