The Last of Us – Part 2 will redefine the concept of Triple A according to Naughty Dog

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It is likely that if these statements were made by another company, the doubts were greater. And although it doesn't mean that everything Naughty Dog says goes to mass, the truth is that the Californian studio has earned the respect of many fans for its practically perfect record. And now, the co-director of The Last of Us – Part 2Anthony Newman says the game will redefine the concept of AAA.

Newman's statements have been very concise, really, but they are interesting enough to increase expectations for the launch. This is what he said in his official Twitter account: "We are going to redefine the concept of AAA this 2020.". You can see the tweet below.

Statements that, after all, come up that The Last of Us – Part 2 has already entered the final stage of development, according to Naughty Dog herself. Remember that the title will arrive exclusively on PS4 on May 29, 2020. In addition, we have recently known that we can enjoy a playable demo (one hour long) at the PAX East event, which is held at the end of This February.

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Following the game, yesterday we could also enjoy a video clip (just a minute long) in which it is possible to get a good idea of ​​how the weapon customization system will work. And not only in terms of the great playable options it will offer, but also at the technical level. In fact, it is a good example of the high budget with which this title will reach the market.

What do you think? Will you simply take full advantage of the console hardware like no other? Or will it mark a before and after in relation to other great AAAs such as God of War? Send us your impressions here or on social networks.

Sources: Gamingbolt / Twitter

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