The Last Of Us Part 2: where to find the Strange Artifact

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Naughty Dog had fun inserting numerous secrets and Easter eggs into his new masterpiece, often references to titles from the past of this software house. One of these special objects present in The Last Of Us Part 2 it is the so-called Strange Artifact.

This small egg-shaped object recalls in a unequivocal way the Precursor Orb by Jak and Daxter, another great series developed by the boys of Naughty Dog for Sony consoles. You can find it as Abby while exploring the Chinatown Seattle, on day 1.

Arrived in the presence of a building completely covered by the mural of a dragon, turn left and reach thelast shop on the left side of the alley (the one with the red sign). Go past the counter, open the door on the right and go up the stairs: you will find an entrance barred by a table, under which you can crawl to enter the room on the upper floor. Here you will have to get rid of two clickers, then go outside and jump on the terrace in front of you. Then continue on the left and cross the rooms, until you find a piece of furniture with a fan: the artifact is located right on this table. The discovery of this object will unlock the trophy Relic of the wise, and is necessary for completing the goal Archivist, which requires you to find all the collectibles in the game.

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Be sure to consult our guide to find the carved ring, the other special artifact present in the game. We also remind you that on our pages you will also find the guide with the tricks and tips to know before starting The Last of Us Part 2, without plot spoilers.

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