The Last Of Us – Part 2 premieres the documentary about its gameplay

Just a week ago a series of documentaries about The Last of Us – Part 2, the next Naughty Dog game exclusively for PS4. And he did it with the first episode under his arm, which told us how the plot of this sequel was worked.

Indeed, we are facing a series of episodes of “how was it done” style that is included within the one named “Inside The Last of Us Part II “, and which will touch on different themes of development. Today, a new episode has just been published. This time, I focused on the gameplay. You can see it just below these lines.

As it happened with the previous video, some of the people in charge of the development (headed by Neil Druckmann, director of the game) comment in-depth on how the gameplay of the expected title has been developed. So do other Naughty Dog members like Halley Gross, narrative director.

Of course, this new episode of the documentary (shared on the official PlayStation blog) is also completely spoiler-free. Something very important considering the leaks that occurred a few weeks ago. Remember that the title will come to PS4 on June 19, 2020. In other words, right now it takes less than a month to enjoy it.

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As for the documentary itself, this episode stresses that decision-making will be very important in the game. But no longer at the plot level, but in situations where we will have to quickly decide how to act with the command. In other words, survival would be even more marked in this sequel.

In addition, another detail that we liked a lot about the video, is the fact that Druckmann confirms that the title will have more secrecy. Something that, according to the director, will have a lot to do with Ellie’s “smaller” size compared to Joel. Come on, it will be much easier for her to sneak into inaccessible places.


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