The Last of Us – Part 2 is revealed in leaked gameplay

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It's not being the best week for Sony and Naughty Dog now that a few unreleased gameplays of The Last of Us – Part 2 after having to delay the release of the game indefinitely.

The Last of Us Part 2 New Screenshots

Right now the company is trying to remove the videos from the Internet but it is difficult for them to do so because once they are uploaded they will begin to replicate everywhere without the possibility of completely eradicating them.

In this gameplay we see Ellie and Dina taking a horse ride through the snow and chatting a bit about cinema. The relationship between these two characters is going to have a lot of weight in the story of the sequel.

In this other video we see that we can play the guitar like Ellie and it shows the mechanics that Naughty Dog has desasaplanded so that we can play songs in the game.

It is possible that the videos will fly soon and we share them with you because we consider that they do not suppose any type of spoiler since they only show a few seconds of scenes in which there is no progress in which there are no plot revelations of any kind.

The videos show the great finish that the studio has achieved in this title. Part of this bottom line is thanks to a number of highly controversial working conditions that the studio has been in the spotlight for in recent months, although they have already been accused of promoting practices like crunch in the past.

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