The Last of Us Part 2 immortalized by Cristiano Bonora: the new spectacular gallery

Waiting to find out what fate has befallen the multiplayer of The Last of Us Part 2, the title signed by Naughty Dog returns to excite thanks to Virtual Photography.

Cristiano Bonora, who shared many of his productions on the pages of Everyeye, has in fact ventured into a series of new compositions, entirely dedicated to the new epic of Ellie is Joel. An intense journey, which, writes the virtual photographer, tells of "loss, seeking, hate, forgiveness, perdition, redemption, and a hundred shades that lie in between", for a final result that paints the picture of"a conflict whose essence is represented by human misery and from futility of violence".

Approaching the title with the desire not to betray its nature, Cristiano Bonora gives us a spectacular gallery themed The Last of Us Part 2, composed, as the author's tradition, exclusively from angle shots vertical is almost no post-production. From Ellie to Joel to the new characters Naughty Dog has introduced in this acclaimed sequel, the visuals reflect the spirit of virtual anime, yet steeped in human complexity.

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By inviting you to view the shots on Vertical Gaming Photography, we point out that some of them include spoilers on the universe of The Last of Us Part 2.


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