The Last of Us Part 2: Guide to using enemies as a shield

You are having major difficulties in overcoming a scenario The Last of Us Part 2 populated by enemies? No problem, because with the technique of human shield it is possible to make your way among the opponents and face even the most complex situations.

The young Ellie can in fact grab any human enemy and use it as if it were a shield to protect herself from gunshots and keep enemies nearby at bay. All you have to do to use an NPC as a shield is to sneak behind it and press the button Square: in this way Ellie will grab him and can move with him. In this phase it is possible to move by using the left and analogue lever aim by holding the button L2 (and of course shoot with R2). When you no longer need the enemy, you can decide whether to eliminate him with a melee attack by pressing the Square button or to shoot him in the head with the pressure of R2.

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It should be noted that this technique can only be performed on human enemies and on runner, since all other types of infected are immune to this type of attack.

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