The Last of Us – Part 2 decorates a new special edition of PS4 Pro

A new collaboration between Sony and Naughty Dog has resulted in a collection of themed products with video game motifs The Last of Us – Party 2 where stands out a screen printed PS4 Pro with a decoration inspired by the art of the game.

Other accessories advertised with the same treatment show the same plant motifs (inspired by Ellie’s tattoo of a fern on her arm). You can see in the following gallery a controller in matt metallic black, Sony’s Gold Wireless Headset, and even a 2TB hard drive from Seagate and officially licensed by Sony that guarantees full compatibility with the console.

The jackpot is a PS4 Pro with the name of the game on the front and the fern diagonally crossing the top cover. It will go on sale the same day as the game, June 19, 2020.

This special pack includes a custom matte finish PS4 Pro system with an Ellie tattoo engraving, a limited edition DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, a copy of The Last of Us Part II in physical format and digital content for PS4, as a theme. dynamic and new avatars, among other things.

It will be necessary to pay attention to the main specialized stores in the country to be able to secure a copy. Given the current situation, perhaps not all the units that we could have had in the past were available and perhaps it would be time to fight to get one. Reservations should already be open.

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About the design said the art director of the studio, John Sweeney.

When we had the opportunity to create a custom PS4 Pro system from The Last of Us Part II, I spoke with Ángel García, who was our graphic designer at the time, and we came up with different ideas. However, we couldn’t stop thinking about Ellie’s tattoo. The truth is that it had already become a symbol of the game in the eyes of the community, just like the emblem of the Fireflies in the first part. The decision was clear, but then the light bulb lit up: what if we recorded it on the console? It had not been done before, so we did not know if it could, but we found the way thanks to the fantastic work of the PlayStation teams.

The hard drive will cost € 78.99, while the headphones and remote will maintain their usual price.


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