The Last of Us Part 2 also playable by blind people: Steve Saylor's emotional reaction

The team of Naughty Dog he did an incredible job on the game experience customization options: a commitment that made The Last of Us Part 2 an accessibility masterpiece.

The vastness of the work done has meant that the new epic of Ellie and Joel can be fully experienced even by blind players. In fact, the title offers ample support audio, such as to make it possible to complete the virtual journey even without resorting to sight. Among the many solutions adopted by the developers we find, for example, options to read aloud the descriptions of the items recoverable in-game or the options that can be selected through the user interface.

The commitment made by Naughty Dog was such as to take even by surprise Steve Saylor, consultant foraccessibility in video games. When viewing for the first time the dedicated screen present in The Last of Us Part 2, the latter wanted to share his reaction with the community of gamers, to reiterate how important the topic is and how much, with due attention, is possible identify solutions that allow more and more fans to access great titles. "This that's what I and others in the community that have been working on for accessibility for a long time: there is so much here. – says Saylor – This is the reason why I work so hard to promote accessibility. This is the reason, because all this is important. " The same Neil Druckmann, Director of The Last of Us Part 2, he replied to the consultant, thanking him for his emotional appreciation for the work done by the team and for the inspiration offered to them.

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In bringing you the news, we remind you that on the pages of Everyeye you will find a special entirely dedicated to the best controllers for players with disabilities, signed by our Alessandro Bruni.


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