The Last of Us and MCU: a member of the cast Naughty Dog would like to be the new Hulk

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Between comics, video games and live-action the border between actors and characters is increasingly thin, especially when it comes to cult as The Last of Us that leave behind fragments of soul to be collected and glued. A few days after the second chapter Naughty Dog there is an actor who would like to try other emotions: could you guess who?

No, we are not talking about Joel Troy Baker's masterful voice, but about Stephen A. Chang that in Neil Druckman's monstrous video game gives voice to Jesse, one of the members of the patrol units for the security of the settlement together to Ellie, Joel, Tommy and Dina. Speaking of his recent experience with motion capture technology he revealed it to look forward to the role of Amadeus Cho, just nineteen-year-old Korean genius and heir, not only spiritual, of Bruce Banner and his green giant:

"Now that The Last of Us part 2 is out I wish I could say I'm working on a great Marvel movie, but unfortunately there is nothing else. Which character I would like to play? The funny thing is that it is already taken, but I believe that the character I most identify with is Hulk because I get very angry, and I'd like to split things up. "

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The actor, who has appeared in major productions such as Shameless and Captain Marvelwould therefore like to bring the Green Titan back to the big screen for a new adventure, especially after the flop of the character already appeared in The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton (2008). Who knows that with the retirement of the old Avengers guard sooner or later Cho will not debut in the MCU?

Meanwhile, work on the HBO adaptation of The Last of Us is proceeding and some members of the videogame cast, including Baker himself, have revealed which actors they would like in the series of The Last of Us.

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