The Last of Us 2, new record: the PS4 game with the highest completion rate

There are far fewer people reaching the end credits of games than you might imagine. To tell us are the statistics related to the trophies: for example, the adventure of Horizon Zero Dawn, a game that is often counted among the best of the generation, has only been completed by 34.5% of gamers.

The Last of Us Part 2, yet another masterpiece signed by Naughty Dog, also stands out in this. Despite taking about 20-30 hours of commitment, Ellie and Joel’s story was finished by 58% of players who started it. It is record: No other game can boast such a high completion rate on PlayStation 4, not even Final Fantasy VII Remake (53.3%) and God of War (51.8%), who had to surrender to The Last of in this special comparison Us Part 2.

Are you curious to find out the percentages related to other games to get a more precise idea? Here is the ranking provided to us by Dualshockers colleagues:

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  1. The Last of Us Part 2 – 58%
  2. Final Fantasy VII Remake – 53,3%
  3. God of War – 51,8%
  4. Marvel’s Spider-Man – 50,7%
  5. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – 50,3%
  6. Detroit: Become Human – 49%
  7. Ghost of Tsushima – 38,2%
  8. Horizon Zero Dawn – 34,5%
  9. Days Gone – 34%
  10. Death Stranding – 29,3%
  11. Red Dead Redemption II – 28,6%

For each of them the percentage of unlocking of the trophy linked to the completion of the respective campaigns was considered. In the case of The Last of Us Part 2, the gold trophy was considered My Duty (Complete Story). It should also be noted that the percentages may vary in the future.

And you, have you completed Ellie and Joel’s adventure? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely read our thoughts on The Last of Us Part 2 ending.


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