The Last of Us 2 helped a homosexual girl to reconcile with her family

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Through her social profiles, the girl known on Twitter as Juji shared her touching story related to The Last of Us Part 2, with a thank you to the Naughty Dog team for helping her to reconcile with the family and make them accept her. declared homosexuality.

The girl, in fact, has made public the exchange of messages she had with the cousin, reluctant to accept his homosexuality, to tell his experience with the story of The Last of Us 2 (you can find them at the bottom of the news, but attention to plot spoiler).

In reconstructing what happened, Juji explained that "I've already said it to all the people in my life, but I also want to share it with all of you guys, just so you know how hot my heart is right now", then add a thanks heard to the developers of Naughty Dog for their work.

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According to the girl, the narrative canvas laid out by the authors led by Neil Druckmann to shape the story of TLOU 2 has allowed the cousin to identify with Ellie and Dina, including the depth of emotions that bind them and going beyond his homophobia.

The apologies received from the cousin thus prompted Juji to publicly share his touching story. Among the many who have decided to support the girl, we mention the actress Ashley Johnson who plays Ellie, the digital artist Alice X. Zhang who created the splendid dynamic theme of The Last of Us 2 and the Naughty Dog Systems Designer Derek Mattson.

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