The Last of Us 2 and diversity: it's magical to see people identify with the characters'

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Even today, the theme of diversity and the widening of the range of videogame characters proposed by the great AAAs is controversial: just think of the debate triggered by the presence of women in Battlefield V.

They have recently spoken on this topic Ashley Johnson and Neil Druckmann, during an interview with the BBC. "I am so incredibly proud to play this character. – stated the actress – I adore Ellie and I think it's really important for people to see characters like her in video games. To have as protagonist a young lesbian woman makes it real". Widening his reflection, the face of the protagonist of The Last of Us Part 2 shared his hope on the evolution of the medium:"I think things are slowly starting to change. I would like the world of entertainment to develop in a direction capable of making this approach an initiative no longer perceived as risky".

On the same wavelength also Neil Druckmann, Director of the game Naugty Dog: "Some of the things we did with the first game, even putting Ellie on the cover, were a little bit at the center of disputes. I don't think they should have, but at the time it went like this ". But this did not limit the creative freedom of the software house, which has chosen to offer the widest possible representation of the company. "This doesn't automatically make the story better. – explained Druckmann – But something magical is generated when people recognize themselves in a video game, it widens our audience e I think it is important".

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The reception of The Last of Us Part 2 was triumphant and the game is about to pass into the hands of the only game critics to those of all fans. Druckmann hopes that if the game is successful it can be an example and a reference point for smaller teams, who do not have the resources of Naughty Dog behind them and the possibility of risking it.

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