The last episode of Food Wars 5 is ready but it will hide surprises for the fans

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma ended over a year ago in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, partially expanding its story in the following months with some special chapters. Those who watch only anime are only now witnessing the last battle of chef Soma and his friends, with the new enemy Asahi who wants to conquer Erina and the Blue.

Over the course of the fifth season of Food Wars, we discovered Soma Yukihira’s past and the story of her mother. Everything will end, however, with the episode of September 25, the 86th of the series and that will be intitolato “Food Wars”, just like the anime. We do not know what to expect because further confirmation arrives on the changes that the transposition will bring with respect to the scenes of the manga.

The thirteenth and final episode of Food Wars 5 will bring several changes to the story of the manga, with the possibility of a divergence from the course designed by Yuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki for their work. We do not know what these changes will turn around but it certainly will not be the first time since Food Wars 5 has already been distorted with several elements and plot changes in previous episodes. All that remains is to wait another 5 days to find out what these changes will be.

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