The Last Dance, the Netflix series about Michael Jordan accused: "They are all lies"

Former Chicago Bulls winger Horace Grant, who was Michael Jordan’s teammate at the time, harshly criticized the content of Netflix’s documentary, The Last Dance, which traces the 1997-1998 season of the Chicago Bulls, which is the last championship played by MJ with the Illinois franchise that has fascinated millions of fans.

Horace Grant was one of the fundamental pawns of that winning cycle of the Chicago Bulls, crowned by three NBA titles in sequence, from 1991 to 1993. However in the documentary Jordan sharply criticizes Grant, guilty of being the mole that revealed secrets and flaws in the locker room to the journalist Sam Smith, who wrote the book The Jordan Rules.

“Lies, lies, and more lies. If Jordan has held a grudge against me we can solve the problem as men. We can discuss it or find another way to fix things. But once again, in front of a camera he started to repeat the lie according to which I would be the source who spread the things written in the book. Sam and I have always been great friends, we still are, but the sacredness of the dressing room and its secrets has never been questioned. Sam is a great investigative journalist, that’s the explanation ” attacked Grant, who defines Jordan as grudging: “He is only grudged: I tell you, he has no other reasons than that. And I think it emerges during the documentary. If you say something out of place about him, you are done out, he will do everything to destroy your character”.
According to Horace Grant one cannot even speak of a documentary, referring to The Last Dance: “I wish I could say that it is only a matter of the show, but who was and was his teammate knows that 90% of those stories are not real. Because very often what Jordan said to his companions followed an equally harsh response from those who were with him in the locker room. But editing and editing the documentary send a different message, admitted and not allowed, that can be defined as a documentary “.
With the Chicago Bulls, Horace Grant has made 546 appearances, winning 3 NBA championships, 3 Eastern Conference, and 3 Central Division.

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On Every eye you can read our review of The Last Dance. The documentary series is one of the most popular on Netflix; The Last Dance recorded 23 million viewers internationally, excluding American fans.


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