The Knights of the Zodiac: Seiya’s cosmos burns in this almost 800 euro statue

By burning his cosmos to the very limit, in the name of the goddess Athena Seiya of Pegasus he managed to overcome any obstacle. The bronze horseman dedicated to the goddess Athena is ready to unleash his Pegasus Ryuseiken again in this magnificent collectible figure by The Zodiac Knights.

The statue represents the exact moment in which Seiya launches his more distinctive shot, as well as one of the most famous of Masami Kurumada’s work: Pegasus’ Lightning. By drawing the stars of his constellation in the sky, with this technique the knight of Athena throws hundreds of punches, which take the form of small luminous meteors, against opponents.

In this collector’s item Seiya wears the armor of Pegasus V1, or the first version he sported. This Cloth stands out for being composed of very few pieces, including the iconic helmet with the appearance of a pegasus face and the breastplate that leaves much of the physique of the knight wearing it uncovered.

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The figure, which has good quality details, such as the cosmos burning around the protagonist or the remains of a temple at his feet, is proposed with two different busts. In the first, Seiya wears his helmet and is serious in the face, while in the second he is without a helmet and sports a grin.

A whopping 54cm tall, this statue is available to pre-order for am 770 euros. Would you like to buy it and add it to your collection? If you are a fan of statuettes, here is another figure of Saint Seiya in which Cristal the swan dominates the ice. Let’s discover the routine of the author of The Knights of the Zodiac, between alcohol and ideas.


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