The Knights of the Zodiac: Athena is ready to protect you in this all-Italian cosplay

Saint Seiya is a manga born decades ago by the hand of Masami Kurumada. Published in Weekly Shonen Jump, it was so successful that it received an anime adaptation that was then carried around the world. In Italy, however, the original name has disappeared, leaving room for The Knights of the Zodiac which began 30 years ago.

Thus we know Pegasus, knight of Pegasus, and the others destined to protect Lady Isabel, whose real name is Saori Kido. The girl was shown a bit like the damsel to be saved from villains in The Knights of the Zodiac and a saga, that of the 12 temples, revolves around this context. But as the most assiduous fans of the brand will know, actually Athena she has a very strong personality and is willing to do anything to protect those she loves.

Italian cosplayer Enid Raven decided to show us a real version of the girl with a Lady Isabel cosplay. As you can see below, she was portrayed in the classic white dress which makes her very close to a Greek goddess, while her long lilac hair flows down the sides. Behind it was then added a graphic effect that recalls the twelve zodiac signs of its strongest knights.

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It is not the only cosplay of The Knights of the Zodiac: have you already seen that of Shun of Andromeda?


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