The Knights of the Zodiac: 30 years ago the first episode in Italy

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The Zodiac Knights (original Japanese title Saint Seiya), work taken from the manga of Masami Kurumada, they aired thirty years ago for the first time on the television station Odeon TV.

Back in March 1990, Odeon TV sent the first episode of the historic series that thrilled entire generations of small spectators. titled Pegasus the invincible the first episode showed us how Seiya (in Italian he is called directly Pegasus) managed to obtain the armor, beating the huge Cassios, after a tiring duel, in a tournament in Greece. From then on, Seiya's adventures will become more and more exciting and dangerous, culminating in the challenge to Gold Saint (Cavalieri d'Oro in Italian) to save the life of Athena herself. How can we forget, in addition to the protagonist, characters like Shiryu the Dragon (in our adaptation it was Sirius) the loyal friend who sacrifices himself to help others, the sad Hyoga (Cristal), the kind Shun (Andromeda) and the loner Ikki (Fenix). All characters who entered the hearts of fans and who represented (and still do today) parts of our character, as highlighted in the review of the first series of Saint Seiya by Gabriele Laurino.

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Numerous spin offs have been drawn from the series that have expanded and structured the lore of the Knights and, even today, there are adaptations of the first mythical series like this remake available on Netflix.

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