The Knick, Steven Soderbergh confirms the works for the third season: all the details

Steven Soderbergh is back to talk about a third season, much more likely a revival, of The Knick, tv series starring Clive Owen in the role of Doctor John Thackery. According to reports from The Playlist, the new project would be in the works, thanks to the writing of Jack Amiel and Michael Begler.

The co-star would also be collaborating on the development of the new project on The Knick André Holland and the Oscar-winning director Barry Jenkins.
Could Jenkins be leading the series behind the camera? Here are Soderbergh’s words: “I said to him and Holland ‘Look, I had my chance. Good luck, take the story in any direction you want.”

The director of Sex, lies and videotape told the evolution of the project:“André and Barry came up with a really great approach to the story by collaborating with Jack and Michael. And this project seems to evolve rapidly. I just read the pilot, it’s incredible.”.
The Knick tells the story of a famous surgeon in 1900 New York, John Thackery, who assumes leadership of the surgical department at Knickerbocker Hospital, known simply as The Knick. Her co-star is André Holland.
In 2017 Steven Soderbergh explained that he wanted to shoot the third season in anamorphic black and white and that this decision may have led to the cancellation of the show.
On Everyeye you will find the review of the second season of The Knick. You can also find out what the third season of the Cinemax show could be like.

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