The judge dismisses the La Liga lawsuit and Villarreal-Atlético will not play in Miami

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There will be no game in Miami. Villarreal-Atlético will not be disputed beyond the Spanish borders. As the Cadena SER has been able to know, the judge has dismissed the LaLiga lawsuit and has also imposed on this body to pay the costs of the trial.

The body chaired by Javier Thebes organizes the championship but this belongs to the RFEF, so you need the permits of the Federation led by Luis Rubiales.

The statutes say that Villarreal would have to be the organizer of the game but if this was played in Miami, it would have been the American company Relevent The person in charge of management.

"LaLiga's request was a simple story that explained the benefits of the agreement with the US and from the RFEF it was understood that it was essential to be clear who the party organizer was, which could be an entity that has nothing to do with federal regulations ", said Tomás González Cueto, the RFED lawyer.

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The judge has dismissed the lawsuit as there was another identical ongoing, so the process is still open, the war between RFEF and LaLiga continues but this battle is currently falling on Rubiales' side.

After the judge's decision, Villarreal confirmed through a statement that the game will be played at the Ceramics Stadium, but at 9 pm, and not at 22.00 as initially planned.

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